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Data Output

Send your live scoreboard data to other systems such as graphic generators!

(Data Output Overview)


Data output is a feature available on select scoreboards that allows you to send your live scoreboard data to other systems.

You can use this feature to send data to a graphic generator, video broadcast application, or your own custom program.

How it Works

1. In the scoreboard options, choose your output format, method, and frequency. Configure the detailed options for each as needed.

2. Use the scoreboard and see your live scoreboard data in your other application.

(How it Works)

Technical Details

  • The following output formats are supported: CSV, JSON, XML, and Sportzcast.
  • The following output methods are supported: File, TCP, and UDP.
  • The following output frequencies are supported: Each time a field changes, periodically.

Owners of V2 licenses can upgrade to V3 for free or at a discount, see details.

Data output is available on the following scoreboards:

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