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Basketball Scoreboard Pro v2 - One (1) Month Single Computer - Non-profit

Prices in USD Basketball Scoreboard Pro v2 Basketball Scoreboard Pro v2 with Control Screen and Shot Clock Screen Basketball Scoreboard Pro v2 with Control Screen, Shot Clock Screen, Web Remote, and Score Banner Basketball Scoreboard Pro v2 with Control Screen, Shot Clock Screen, Web Remote, Score Banner, and Videos
  $69 $89 $109 $129
Standard Operation

operate scoreboard using keyboard and mouse on the display screen

Shot Clock on Main Screen

shot clock appears on main scoreboard screen

Control Screen

intuitive screen for operating the scoreboard, only visible to scoreboard operator

Shot Clock Screen

separate shot clock screen to display behind baskets

Score Banner

separate screen designed for displaying scores over live video

Web Remote

operate the scoreboard from any iPad, iPhone, smartphone, tablet, or laptop


play your own videos on the scoreboard

  $69 $89 $109 $129


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