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Custom Scoreboards - Customize or create a new scoreboard

PC Scoreboards can customize or private label one of our existing scoreboards, as well as custom develop a new scoreboard or other application

Our custom scoreboards are ideal for:

  • Audio/video solution providers
  • Corporate events
  • System integrators
  • New sports/games

If one of our scoreboards closely resembles what you're looking for, we can start from there and customize the scoreboard to create a product that meets your exact needs. Some customizations we have made in the past include:

  • Adding a new feature or scoreboard field
  • Removing, resizing, and repositioning parts of the scoreboard
  • Customizing the display screen for a low-resolution display such as an LED panel and video wall
  • Modifying the display screen for a different screen ratio
  • Writing scoreboard statistics to a file or sending them over the network.

As an A/V solution provider or system integrator, you may require a custom labeled or branded scoreboard. We can provide various levels of custom labeling and branding including:

  • Customizing the website URL that appears on the scoreboard to be your company's name or URL, or removing it entirely
  • Displaying your company logo on the scoreboard
  • Replacing our company name with yours throughout the scoreboard application

When you're looking for a completely new scoreboard or application, we'll work with you to define all the details and create a product that does exactly what you need.

We encourage you to download and review a free fully functional trial of any of our existing scoreboards and contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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