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Score Your Games Like the Pros

Transform your TV + computer into a scoreboard!

PC Scoreboards provides software that transforms your computer and display/projector into an engaging sport scoreboard for your spectators. Software scoreboards are available for basketball, volleyball, hockey, and many other sports.   Download / Learn More

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  • Customizable - team names, logos, colors, and more
  • Easy to use - be score keeping in minutes
  • Inexpensive - less expensive to buy and maintain than traditional electronic scoreboards
  • Sport specific - scoring for each sport and level
  • Reuse your display/PC - use same display and PC for multiple sports
  • Free to try - download your full copy of any of our scoreboard apps

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Low Cost and Portable

Use the computer and projector or large screen your organization already owns with our 21st century scoring solution. Read more on how our video scoreboards work.

Sport Specific Functionality

Eliminates the compromises of a multipurpose physical scoreboard. Our specialized score keeper applications are designed to accomodate different levels of scoring requirements.


Display your teams' names, logos, and colors. Features customizable sounds, keyboard shortcuts, and various rule settings. Use your own period and timeout durations.

Easy to Learn and Use

Operating our digital scoreboard apps is so simple, anyone can be scoring in minutes. Use our intuitive control screen, customizable keyboard shortcuts, or click and type interface.

Purchase and Use Instantly

Purchasing a scoreboard is quick and easy using our automated registration system. Receive your password for uninterrupted use immediately after purchase.

In Use Worldwide for Over 15 Years

PC Scoreboards is the industry leader in software based scoring solutions used by schools, churches, and sports facilities worldwide. PC Scoreboards has been providing state of the art solutions for over 15 years.

Better Than Online Scoreboards

PC Scoreboards provides a better scoring solution than online scoreboards. See why our scoreboards are a better choice.   Learn More

Latest News

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  • Check out our new 1 year USB key licenses with a lower price than our lifetime licenses.
  • Save 50% off a v3 scoreboard when you upgrade from v2 to v3.
  • Basketball Scoreboard Premier v3 now includes the ability to skip tracking player points and fouls for games that do not require tracking player statistics.
  • Hockey Scoreboard Pro v3 is now available and includes our web remote and score banner features. All of our V3 scoreboards have new features you'll love including an improved video player, redesigned web remote, additional spaces for displaying ads, data output capability, and positioning of screens using coordinates. See details on upgrading from V2.
  • Planning a fundraising event? Use your TV + computer to create an engaging experience for participants. Check out our fundraising products.
  • All of our V3 scoreboards have been updated to be more compatible with Windows running in all languages.
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