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We do not offer any returns, refunds, or exchanges of purchased licenses of our scoreboards.

Exceptions are extremely rare and at our discretion. We encourage you to download and try the fully functional scoreboard software to ensure that it meets your needs before you purchase.

USB Key Shipping Issues

If you purchase a USB Key License, but you never receive the USB Key, contact us. We will typically ship a replacement once it is determined that the USB Key will not arrive. We may require signature confirmation, extra tracking, a more reliable carrier, or other measures to improve the odds of the USB key getting to you.

  • If it is determined that you are responsible for the failed delivery (such as not being available to sign for the package when a signature is required), we may charge you for the cost of re-sending the USB Key.
  • If after one or more failed shipments we determine that the USB Key is unlikely to be delivered to you using reasonable delivery measures, we will refund your purchase price, less the price of shipping.

USB Key Use Issues

If you purchase and receive a USB Key License that does not work for the purchased scoreboard, we will take the necessary steps to correct the issue for you:

  • Contact us so we can work with you to determine the cause of the issue and find an appropriate solution.
  • If the issue can be corrected with a software update, that software update will be provided in a timely manner.
  • If the USB key does not license the correct scoreboard, we will correct it remotely.
  • If the USB Key is damaged upon arrival, you must ship it back to us at your expense and we will ship a working USB Key to you at our expense.

License Password Issues

If you purchase includes a license password and the password you receive does not license the scoreboard on the computer you need it on, contact us to receive a replacement password for the correct computer. Note that when purchasing, you should provide the serial number from the scoreboard running on the computer that you will use the scoreboard on.

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