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Purchasing with a Purchase Order


PC Scoreboards works with schools and other organizations to make purchasing as simple as possible.

The simplest and fastest way to purchase is using our online purchase process. Details on that process can be found here.

We can also accommodate purchasing through a purchase order. See details below for purchasing with a purchase order.

Purchase Order Process

The purchase order process is as follows:

  1. You provide us with the details about the organization making the purchase and which scoreboards you would like to purchase. See below for the information to send to us.
  2. We send you an estimate that includes the pricing details.
  3. You send us a purchase order that includes the details from the estimate.
  4. We send you an invoice that includes the details and the purchase order number.
    1. At this point we can provide you with temporary license passwords, to get the scoreboards running on specific computers before payment is received and USB license keys are shipped (if applicable). Please note: USB license keys cannot be shipped until payment is received.
    2. We include a link that allows you to make payment by credit/debit card or PayPal.
    3. We can also accept payment by the following:
      1. Check from a US bank made out in USD.
      2. Wire transfer in USD.
  5. You complete payment.
  6. If you are purchasing licenses that include USB license keys, we will ship the USB license keys to you.
  7. Once you receive the USB license keys, plug the USB license keys into your scoreboard computers to license the scoreboards.

Starting the Purchase Order Process

To get the purchase order process started, please email us or contact us with the following information:

  • Name of your organization
  • Billing address
  • Shipping address
  • Contact person's name (this may be you)
  • Contact person's phone number
  • Contact person's email address
  • Whether the purchase is for a non-profit organization or for-profit organization
  • For each scoreboard you want:
    • Name and version number of each scoreboard (example: Basketball Scoreboard Premier v3)
    • Level/package for each scoreboard (Bronze / Silver / Gold / Platinum / with Control / Web Remote / Videos)
    • Purchase Option for each scoreboard (Lifetime with Portable USB Key / One (1) Year with Portable USB Key / One (1) Month Single Computer)
    • Quantity you want for each scoreboard

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