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Upgrading to V3 Scoreboards

PC Scoreboards is always coming out with new products and features. Our v3 scoreboards have many new features we think you'll like:

We encourage you to download and check out all the new features our v3 scoreboards have to offer.

Upgrade your Lifetime or One Year USB License Key of any standard V2 scoreboard to a V3 scoreboard with the below upgrade pricing 1:

  • If you purchased a V2 scoreboard and the V3 scoreboard is released within 90 days of your purchase, you will receive a Free upgrade 2.
  • For all other V2 scoreboard customers we are currently offering 50% off an upgrade to any similar V3 scoreboard.

Select the V2 scoreboard you own to see what you qualify for.
V2 scoreboard:

To claim any of the above offers once the V3 scoreboard is available, see details on the Upgrade My USB License Key page.

Upgrade My USB License Key

1 Lifetime with Portable USB Key license or One (1) Year with Portable USB Key license of any standard V2 scoreboard can upgrade to any standard V3 scoreboard (if or when the V3 becomes available) with same license duration (lifetime, one year). Limit one V3 upgrade per V2 license. The V3 license will be added to your existing V2 USB license key.

2 Free upgrade is to the V3 version of same scoreboard title with an equivalent package.

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