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Score your games like the pros at a fraction of the cost

PC Scoreboards computer based scoreboards are:

  • Highly customizable, including team names, logos, and colors.
  • Sport specific, providing appropriate scoring for each sport and level.
  • Cost effective by using your existing or off the shelf hardware.
  • Less expensive to maintain than a physical scoreboard.
  • Easy to use, anyone can be up and scoring in a couple minutes.
  • Free to try, download your fully functional copy of any of our scoreboards.

How it works diagram
How our scoreboards work

Hockey Scoreboard Deluxe at the MGM Grand Garden Arena
Hockey Scoreboard Deluxe at the MGM Grand Garden Arena

Turn any computer into a professional scoreboard with our easy to use software. Our software scoreboards are best utilized with a video projector or TV in locations such as gyms, pools, and fields. Use the display and computer you already have as an inexpensive alternative to costly hardware scoreboards.

Currently, we have scoreboards for the following sports: Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball, Soccer, Wrestling, Football, Baseball, Roller Derby, and Tennis. We also have other scoreboards such as a score banner for displaying scores over video and a general multi-team scoreboard. Contact us to inquire about additional features or a custom scoreboard.

Download and try any of our scoreboards for free. For uninterrupted use, we ask that you purchase a license through our website. Registration is immediate so that you will have complete, uninterrupted access to use the scoreboard within seconds.

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