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Score Banners
Show a score bug over live video. A ScoreBox® alternative*

Our score banner enabled scoreboards allow you to professionally overlay the current scoreboard information on top of live or recorded video. The score banner screen allows complete configuration of scoreboard elements, size, position, and colors. All score banners can be overlayed using a user selected chroma-key color or floating window, providing you with flexibility for overlaying the score bug over game footage.

(Overlayed over game)

(Chrome-key mode)

(Floating window mode - over desktop)

The score banner is an optional screen that is available on some of our most popular scoreboards. The screen can be enabled and customized in the scoreboard's options. From there you can change each color, adjust the order of the fields, and add/remove fields. Drag and drop the score banner anywhere on the screen, then resize the score banner to be as large or small as required.

The following scoreboards include the optional score banner screen.

Basketball Scoreboard Pro v2

Football Scoreboard Pro v2

Multisport Scoreboard Standard v2

*This product is not manufactured or distributed by Howard J Zuckerman, owner of the registered trademark ScoreBox®

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