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Shot Clock Standard v3

Download Windows 11 / 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 Pricing / Features
Free to try, purchase to remove trial notice

Looking for Shot Clock Standard v2?

(Shot Clock Screen)

Transform your TV + computer into a shot clock!

Shot Clock Standard v3 is an easy to use, cost effective, and professional scoreboard that will get your players and spectators engaged in the game. Combine our shot clock software with your computer and projector/display for a complete scorekeeping solution.

PC Scoreboards are more versatile and less expensive to maintain than physical scoreboards. Our shot clock solution allows you to use different scoreboards for sport-specific functionality while reusing the same display.

Shot Clock Standard v3 is great for tracking shot or play times in basketball, football, lacrosse, and water polo games in gyms, arenas, fields, pools, or multipurpose facilities.

PC Scoreboards provides a better scoring solution than online scoreboards.

Download and try a free copy of Shot Clock Standard v3 today.


  • Customizable - colors, times, and more
  • Easy to use - be scoring in minutes
  • Inexpensive - less expensive to buy and maintain than traditional scoreboards
  • Sport specific - scoring for each sport and level
  • Reuse your display/computer - use same display and computer for multiple sports
  • Free to try - download your full copy now


  • Shot clock
  • Video player

(Control Screen)

Control Screen

The Control Screen is an intuitive operator console for controlling the scoreboard. It includes 1-touch buttons for quick, easy, and error-free control of the scoreboard.

This screen is a separate window that is only visible to the scoreboard operator, so spectators do not see mouse or keyboard input.

Video Player

Play your own videos on the scoreboard during breaks in the game!

Video player is a feature that allows you to play your own videos on demand on the scoreboard. Use this feature to display your sponsor advertisements, player intros, half-time clips, and more.

Read more about video player.

(Video Player)

(Web Remote control pages)

Web Remote

The web remote feature allows you to control all information on the scoreboard from any iPad, iPhone, iPod, tablet, smart phone, netbook, or most any device that has a web browser.

After you have enabled web remote, simply browse to the URL listed in the options. There you can tap buttons to control the shot clock, sound the buzzer, and more.

Read more about web remote.

Advertising Space

Display your own advertisements or other videos on your scoreboard. Use the advertising space to raise money for your school, team, or organization.

Show video advertisements using the Video Player feature.

(Advertising Space)

(Data Output)

Data Output

The data output feature allows you to send your live scoreboard data to other systems such as graphic generators.

Includes support for CSV, JSON, and XML data formats. Write the data to a file or send over the network by TCP/UDP. Also supports sending data directly to Sportzcast for use in a wide variety of applications.

Read more about data output.

Backboard Perimeter Light Control

Light up your backboard's perimeter lights when the shot clock expires with our Relay Control feature.

Plug your backboard perimeter light into the WebRelay. The scoreboard will turn on the perimeter lights when the shot clock expires.

Read more about backboard perimeter light control.

(Backboard Perimeter Light Control)

(Score Banner Screen)

Score Banner

The score banner screen allows you to professionally overlay the current scoreboard information on top of live or recorded video.

The score banner screen allows complete configuration of scoreboard elements, size, position, and colors. The score banner can be overlayed using a user selected chroma-key color or floating window, providing you with flexibility for overlaying the score banner over game footage.

Read more about score banner.

Correction Screen

The Correction Screen makes it easy to correct entry mistakes or adjust numbers on the scoreboard.

This intuitive screen has fields that you can type into to change each number that appears on the scoreboard.

(Correction Screen)


Game Setup

Configure the shot clock durations to match the rules you use. Additional settings allow for customizing the functionality and appearance of the scoreboard.

Screen Configuration

Choose the screens you want to show and size/position each as needed. Select a picture to use as the background for each screen.


Play videos on the scoreboard by creating video queues and selecting the videos to play in each queue.


Customizable keys make controlling the scoreboard quick and easy.


Easy to use options allow you to customize every color to match your team's colors.


Customize the scoreboard sounds to use your own audio files.


Customize the text to translate it into your own language or use a field for a different purpose.

Web Remote

Configure settings for the web remote feature including a login for access and server settings. Then start or stop the web remote and view details for connecting.

Score Banner Display

Customize the fields that display on the score banner and the order in which they appear. Choose whether to keep the score banner on top of other windows.

Score Banner Colors

Configure the score banner's colors to match your team's colors and for optimal appearance over game footage.

Data Output

Choose your settings for outputting data from the scoreboard. Formats supported include CSV, JSON, XML, and Sportzcast. Methods supported include File, TCP, and UDP.


Additional settings allow for customizing the functionality and appearance of the scoreboard.

Download Windows 11 / 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 Pricing / Features
Free to try, purchase to remove trial notice

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