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Backboard Perimeter Light Control

Light up your backboard's perimeter lights when the period time or shot clock expires!

(Backboard Perimeter Light Control Overview)


Backboard Perimeter Light Control is a feature available on select scoreboards that allows you to light your backboard's perimiter lights when the scoreboard's period time or shot clock expires.

This feature allows you to satisfy the requirement many basketball leagues have of lighting a red light on the hoop's backboard upon expiration of the period time or shot clock.

How it Works

1. Connect your backboard lights to the relays.

2. In the scoreboard options, configure the settings for triggering the relays.

(How it Works)

Technical Details

  • This feature is only compatible with the "WebRelay" made by "Control By Web". Information about this product can be found here.
  • Relays are not included with the scoreboard and we do not sell them.

Owners of V2 licenses can upgrade to V3 for free or at a discount, see details.

Backboard Perimeter Light Control is available on the following scoreboards:

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