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Scoreboard Purchase Options

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Below are the details on the purchase options for our scoreboards. Not all options are available for all scoreboards, so check the Pricing page to see the options available for the scoreboard you are interested in.

Options Lifetime with Portable USB Key (Recommended) One (1) Month Single Computer
License duration lifetime one (1) month from purchase date
License type portable USB key registered to single computer
The USB registration key must be plugged into the computer to run the scoreboard uninterrupted.
Replacement registrations due to PC crash or replacement will not be provided.
Move license to another computer Yes No
Use immediately Yes Yes
What you get
  • Receive a registration password to use the scoreboard uninterrupted on a single computer while the USB key is in transit

  • Receive a USB registration key by mail for lifetime uninterrupted use of the scoreboard

  • USB registration key supports the standard USB type-A port as well as USB type-C port
  • Receive a registration password to use the scoreboard uninterrupted for 1 month
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